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<p>After the rhythm game Cytus became such a sensation, especially in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Netherlands, it's brilliant to see that Cytus II is on the way at last.</p><p>Continuing on in the same universe as the first game, the virtual world has replaced the real one and humans are no longer mortal. After being given the chance to transfer their souls into sentient, artificial beings, those once living must play music to feel the joy of their memories past.</p><p>This time it's focused on a 24 year-old singer/songwriter, Paff, who was pretty much born to be in the spotlight. Her following is unlimited and her digital concerts are a huge success, but after living most of her life in the spotlight, just who is she once the cameras turn off?</p><p>According to the game's official website, Cytus II will add more types of notes and the largest variety of music yet in Raynark's history.</p><p>While there's no solid date as of yet, a potential release is teased for sometime this January and though no platform is blatantly stated I think it's safe to say iOS and Android are a given.</p>.

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